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Lots of Bundts!

7 Nov

Inspired by The Food Librarian’s “I Like Big Bundts” annual blog series, I have been a bundt-making whiz these past couple of weeks:

Recipe: Culinary in the Desert: Peanut Butter and Chocolate Bundt Cake.

I made this for a friend’s birthday today, and I’m a bit disappointed with it. The peanut butter filling tasted amazing, just like a Reese’s Pieces, before it was baked, but seemed to lose something after it was done. Maybe it’s just that it was overpowered by the chocolate part, which just didn’t taste sweet enough. I might try it again and either add a frosting or more sugar in the batter, since it did have a very nice, moist texture.

I added a small amount of a simple powdered sugar & milk glaze – just enough to stick some M&M’s to it, since that’s one of the preferred snacks of the friend group, and the bites with the glaze were definitely tastier than those without.

UPDATE: It turns out that this is really just one of those cakes that’s better the next day. I had some a little while ago and it was delicious! Now I know to just make it in advance.

I’ve also made 2 rum cakes – one for my brother’s birthday and one for a Halloween party, a sweet potato/chocolate marble bundt (a cross between two recipes that produced a just-okay result), a Mayan chocolate bundt, and the Burnt Sugar Bundt from the Baked Explorations cookbook! I’ve been having a lot of fun with it and doubt I’m done. The boss at my part-time job has a birthday coming up, and then there’s Thanksgiving…